[REVIEW PATCH 00/14] OMAP3 camera + ISP + MT9P012 sensor driver v2

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I'm sending the following patchset for review to the relevant lists (linux-omap, v4l, linux-media).

 - Omap3 camera core + ISP drivers.
 - MT9P012 sensor driver (adapted to 3430SDP)
 - DW9710 lens driver (adapted to work with MT9P012 for SDP)
 - Necessary v4l2-int-device changes to make above drivers work
 - Redefine OMAP3 ISP platform device.
 - Review comments fixed from: (Thanks a lot for their time and help)
   - Hans Verkuil
   - Tony Lindgreen
   - Felipe Balbi
   - Vaibhav Hiremath
   - David Brownell

Some notes:
 - Uses v4l2-int-device solution.
 - Tested with 3430SDP ES3.0 VG5.0.1 with Camkit v3.0.1
 - Applies cleanly on top of commit 0ec95b96fd77036a13398c66901e11cd301190d0 by Jouni Hogander (OMAP3: PM: Emu_pwrdm is switched off by hardware even when sdti is in use)
 - ISP wrappers dropped from the patchset, as a rework is going on currently.

I appreciate in advance your time.


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