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Hi, all

hermann pitton schrieb:
> Am Dienstag, den 30.01.2007, 19:24 +0100 schrieb Peter Missel:
>> Hi Paul!
>>> I have a Lifeview FlyDVB-T mini PCI (LR307Q) half working with -
>>> 	modprobe saa7134 card=60 audio_clock_override=0x00187de7
>>> Analog TV works (with a couple of issues), but FM radio doesn't.
>>> I've tried the 'radio' program that comes with xawtv, but it mostly
>>>  produces noise when tuned into a known station.
>>> There are occasional bursts of audio, but these only last a fraction
>>>  of a second.  The same happens with fmscan from fmtools.
>>> Could this be something to do with the GPIOs in saa7134-cards.c?
>>> If so, how can I figure out what GPIOs to change?
>> Hmmm ... the LR307 is the FlyDVB-T Duo Mini, which would probably have a 
>> better start with card=55 (the PCI version FlyDVB-T Duo, LR306).
>> Does the card (or its implementation in your particular notebook) have a 
>> separate FM radio antenna jack? If it does, and LifeView's product page 
>> suggests that it does, then the driver indeed needs to implement GPIO driven 
>> input switching to the analog tuner.
>> Provided that card=55 works for you (without any additional parameters 
>> please!), then apply my recently posted "Add FM radio" patch for card 55, and 
>> try radio again.
>> Finally, please post dmesg output of the saa7134 driver as well 
>> as 'lspci -vvxxx' output for the card, so we can then add autodetection for 
>> it. We might even be able to run the Mini flavor entirely on the PCI card's 
>> driver - LifeView's designs are usually very very similar to each other.
> Hi,
> the audio clock will still be wrong.
> Looks like Paul should use Hartmut's repository with large changes and
> improvements. Your patch is already applied there.
Yes. Sorry, i forgot to mention this.

> Also support for the LNA on Paul's card seems ready, but I'm waiting for
> Hartmut on that.
The support for LNAs indeed is there, but i should add this:
The LNA is not automatically detected. You will need to set the
in the appropriate section of saa7134-cards.c resp. saa7134-dvb.c
valid values are
0 : no LNA
1 : Pinnacle 310i
2 : older Philips solution, this should be the most common one
3 : new Philips solution
I could only test the variants 0 and 2. For testing, you should turn
the debug options for the tuner.ko and saa7134-dvb.ko (new) on.
The driver will report what it does with the LNA, A lower value for
AGC2 indicates that the LNA is on.

> I'm just testing on the Asus P7131 Dual and all seems fine (only a typo
> for its name). Analog TV tuning is also pretty fast now.
It should be a bit faster in case there is a signal.

> BTW, this is not related to this current changes, but must have happened
> prior or is since ever, which I don't think. There is some decent
> whistling noise from the analog audio input when in DVB-T mode.
> Somebody else notice it? Yeah, easy to mute it on the mixer.
This can easily be right. Please note that analog baseband can still
be used in DVB mode on hybrid cards. So i can't easily mute the sound
processing. But maybe i can switch the sound input...

> Cheers,
> Hermann


The code in my personal repository is ready for testing but i shouldn't
ask Mauro to pull yet:
- There might be a conflict with the work of Markus - not clarified yet.
- The thing with the board name in DVB seems just to go into the opposite
  direction of what is done in the other drivers. We should come to a
  common opinion.
- The DVB-T tuning code for the tda827x should go into another module.
- We might try to find a better solution for my changes in the analog
  tuner driver - especially for handling the function pointer.

I am astonished why there are so few comments yet.

Best regards

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