Re: [linux-dvb] Problem with remote on ASUSTek P7131 Dual

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> To give a bit more informations on my system, it is an ATI chipset based
> motherboard, the model is RS482-M from Elitegroup, and it has in
> particular problems with acpi as well as usb. The kernel is 2.6.19 with
> gentoo patches. Originally I had to remove completely ACPI from the
> kernel to have it boot, now I can boot with acpi, but with the option
> acpi=noirq .

The problem is more likely related to the BIOS than the chipset.  I have
a couple of RS482-M's here as well.  One has to be booted with the
option "acpi_skip_timer_override" in order for it to keep time correctly
and eliminate some APIC errors.  The other one does not need any special
flags.  ACPI in general works fine on both boards, even for interrupt

> Now about usb, it is more interesting  : usb wouldn't work until I put
> the following options usb-handoff and irqpoll. The description of the
> latter option is as follow : "When an interrupt is not handled search
> all handlers for it. Also check all handlers each timer interrupt.
> Intended to get systems with badly broken firmware running."

Note that it says "broken firmware."  That means BIOS in this case.  I
would contact the vendor and ask them to fix their BIOS.  If you do not
ask them now, they may not be willing to fix the BIOS later when the
board is no longer being sold.  (I had this experience with Tyan.  In
all fairness I was asking them for a BIOS fix years late.)

Have you upgraded your BIOS on the board?  If you do, make sure you have
the system connected to an uninterruptible power supply.  Also, a BIOS
recovery floppy may not be a bad idea.  There's a super secret key
sequence that will reload the BIOS from a floppy in the event of a bad
flash.  You can google that.

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