Re: [linux-dvb] MSI TV @nywhere a/d support

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Am Samstag, den 13.01.2007, 15:24 +1100 schrieb Peter D.:
> On Saturday 13 January 2007 10:18, hermann pitton wrote:
> > Am Freitag, den 12.01.2007, 23:55 +0100 schrieb Peter Missel:
> > > Hi all!
> > >
> > > Guys, before anyone scratches a hole into their head: The MSI
> > > TV@nywhere A/D is the LifeView FlyDVB-T Hybrid. Remote support, as far
> > > as I know, is identical to the FlyDVB-Trio - keydown on GPIO18 (as I
> > > discovered originally), and keycode fetch through I2C. Code for this
> > > has recently been implemented, as far as I follow things.
> > >
> > > Of course the remote is also the one LifeView supplies. I added its
> > > definition quite a while ago, when I worked on the Trio.
> > >
> > > Which reminds me - can we call I2C code from the saa7134 IRQ handler
> > > yet?
> > >
> > > regards,
> > > Peter
> >
> > Hi Peter,
> >
> > really had you in mind when I posted over, but not that exact chip
> > anymore.
> >
> > Yes, there it sits on the TRIO and grins ;)
> >
> > Not yet I think.
> [snip]
> Does all of this mean that the remote; should work, can't possibly work, or 
> needs to be configured properly?  

argh, second time now I forgot about the PIC,
but until today it has no single hit in the bttv-gallery and is on so
many cards. Peter gave all necessary info on the video4linux-list and
points since ages that the MSI is a LifeView clone.

It means the remote works, but the patch for the TRIO uses polling
currently and is not yet in the master repository.

The chip is expected to be a pic16c505 at 0xb. Patch is here.

Eddi De Pieri's patch is partly based on Henry Wong's code for the MSI
TV@nywhere Plus remote with KS003. The current plan is to get at first
that code in through the Kworld ATSC-110 Dwaine Garden is working on.
One remaining issue is to try to get the ir chip initialization to
saa7134_board_init1 and to make all easily usable for other similar

We can expect full GNU/Linux support for the card.


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