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Alex Deucher wrote:
> On 10/18/06, Huggins, Jonathan H. <jhuggins@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Does anyone know if the ATI Theatre 550 Pro is supported on Linux?
>> thanks.
> Not at the moment.  Ati has not released any documentation on the chip
> that would allow one to write a driver. 

For what its worth, htpcnews has arranged for a "Q and A session" with
ATI "targeting the various multimedia features ATI has to offer the home
theater PC/media center PC enthusiast."

One person has submitted the following questions:
- I would like to know if they plan on releasing Linux drivers for the
550/650 Pro tuner cards in the foreseeable future?
- If yes, then what sort of timetable are we looking at?
- If no, why not?

I took the opportunity to expand that set of questions with:
- if they are not interested in developing Linux drivers for these ICs
in house themselves , would they be interested in providing third party
developers from the Linuxtv project (covering dvb and v4l) the necessary
technical documentation to do so ?
- If not, why not?
- if they have no interest whatsoever, do they acknowledge that they are
missing out on an opportunity with a growing market segment?

There is no guarantee that those questions will get posed to them.  And
even if they are, I rather suspect that ATI will (if they even bother
deciding to "entertain" those questions) be less than direct in their
answers.  Nonetheless, it certainly doesn't hurt to put it to them.  Who
knows, maybe we will see the dawning of a new era....Anyway, even if
they are reluctant now, who's to say that decisions won't change in a
couple of months when the AMD merger really begins to take shape.

[But for now, I admit that I'd expect nothing more from it then the
prototypical blah blah blah "don't have enough resources for linux" blah
blah blah "can't open source" blah blah blah "protect our leading edge
proprietary technology" blah blah blah]


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