Re: MyCinema-P7131 Hybrid - no detection of tuner

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Hi, Patrick

Patrick G wrote:
--- hermann pitton <hermann-pitton@xxxxxxxx> a écrit :

Am Donnerstag, den 03.08.2006, 11:31 +0200 schrieb
Patrick G:

I have this card (ASUS My Cinema-P7131 Hybrid)


the same release (1043:4876) and i never had a


with the detection of tuner.


My kernel is  2.6.15-1-k7 from debian.

However i didn't get anything working (analog TV,
DVB-T or radio). It seems this card is a new


and is not yet supported.

Hi Patrick,

thanks for the report.

The other guys with the card except Henrik get at
least some analog TV.
In France you need to reload the tuner with
"modprobe tuner secam=l
debug=1" or tried it already?

The 2.6.15 might be too old for radio, since Hartmut
had to adjust it on
the saa7133/35/31e, but there can also be different
gpio switching.
Radio was not yet reported on recent code I think.

The dvb-t can't work without firmware for the
tda10046a, might have more
problems. Did you notice that people in France added
a positive offset
of about 167kHz to the initial transponders with
that channel decoder?
Just in case Hartmut would suggest to try to load
external firmware.



Thanks for for your help.
Yesterday evening i did some quick test with "modprobe
tuner secam=l debug=1" and I succeded to get image
with xawtv and tvtime! I need to do some more test
because I still have 2 problems:

o I get zebra dark lines on the image. I guess it's an
antenna issue because I get the similar lines on the
TV: both the TV and PC are connected on the same plug
with a "T" adapter. Something are making noise on the
signal. I must try a direct attachment.

o I don't have sound. But maybe I have forgotten to
plug again the sound line output of the tuner card.
as regards dvb-t, i am aware of the 167kHz offset.
When I don't put it, I get a "WARNING: >>> tuning
failed!!!" with scan. With the correct frequence, I
get "WARNING: filter timeout pid 0x0011" and no
channel is detected.

It should work because under windows I can get all the

I will do some more test this weekend and send a full

As you mentioned, we most probably need a special config entry
for your card. As far as i know, it has no firmware eeprom for
the channel decoder.
To test this, you can try the following:
In saa7134-dvb.c, line 873, struct tda1004x_config philips_tiger_config
change the entry
	.request_firmware = NULL,
	.request_firmware = philips_tu1216_request_firmware,

The locaion of the firmware image depends on the distribution and
version you use. Its name is dvb-fe-tda10046.fw



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