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On 12/15/05, Jon M. Lamb <b.a.m.b@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> CityK wrote:
> > Jon M. Lamb wrote:
> >
> >> I thought that I read sometime back that the cx88 could receive
> >> analog and digital.
> >
> >
> > The card does indeed receive analog and digital.  (As an aside, the
> > cx88 isn't doing the receiving, rather its the frontend of the card
> > that performs such function.  In analog mode, the cx88 digitizes the
> > cvbs signal it is handed, from the frontend, into an RGB/component
> > bitsream and then pipes this digital signal off the card via the PCI
> > bus.  In digital mode, the cx88 acts as a bridge or conduit to the pci
> > bus for the TS that are retrieved by the card's frontend)
> >
> >> How do you get this card to receive an analog signal? ....  If it is
> >> in some documentation somewhere I can not seem to find it.
> >
> >
> > What software are you trying to use if with?
> >
> > --Cheers, CK
> >
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> Hi,
> I used azap along with 'mplayer /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0' to see that the
> card was receiving digital.  I have tried xawtv, tvtime, and most
> recently have been trying to set up mythtv.  With xawtv and tvtime I use
> /dev/video0.  The analog signal that I want to receive is my basic cable
> tv signal which is on the second antenna input of the card.  When using
> xawtv or tvtime the channels that I can somewhat see get better or worse
> when I move the hdtv antenna and they do not correspond to the basic
> cable channels.
> Thanks for any help.
> Jon

The driver is currently set up to take Analog signals, and digital QAM
cable signals from the "cable" RF input, and 8VSB digital OTA signals
on the "ant" RF input.

This is controlled by a callback in cx88-dvb that is called by the
NXT200X frontend driver to change RF inputs between VSB and QAM :: OTA
/ cable.

There is currently no API for switching RF inputs for analog v4l mode.

Try swapping the cable inputs (connect your analog cable to the
"cable" jack instead of the "ant" jack) -- it will probably work.



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