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Hi Ruben,

On Tue, 2004-01-20 at 10:43, Ruben wrote:
> I'm new to V4L and writing drivers for linux.
> I am trying to get video working on a custom made board. It uses the 
> following chip combination:
> MPEG decoder ZR36710 + pci controller ZR36067 + Silicon Motion display 
> controller
> The MGA V4L driver seems to do the first two chips and the siliconmotion 
> Xfree display driver has support for Xv.

The MGA driver has support, as does the Zoran driver
( The latter, however, has the
zr36067 driver as main module, whereas the MGA driver has zr36067 as a
support module. Their main module is the mga driver. this means that the
mga driver pretty much depends on MGA, whereas the zoran driver doesn't
depend on anything specific.

I've tried getting efforts done to combine the two, but that didn't

Note that the Zoran driver supports Xv output by default already.

> Is it possible for applications to use V4L as a video source and Xv for 
> overlay?

Yes, there's even an X extension for that. 'Load "v4l"' in the modules
section of your X config file, and start xawtv -xv. It will set a YUV
color format for overlay (which is supported by the Zoran driver, but
not by the MGA driver) and set the hw-scale overlay on your videocard as
framebuffer, which does what you want: direct Xv overlay from your
capture card.



Ronald Bultje <rbultje@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Linux Video/Multimedia developer


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