saa7134 and alevt

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Hello all

I am trying to get alevt-1.6.1 working with my Terratec Cinergy 600.
This card basically works otherwise (see the "Recording with SAA7134
card" thread), but alevt does not even initialize the card correctly
(silent failure without error message).
This is due to a recent change in some V4L2 ioctls. The patch below
makes alevt use the new values. but the pages are still corrupted -
(mix between the current page and the page before). This could be
a bug in saa7134, alevt or my patch. This is with latest saa7134
version dated 2002-12-28.
Comments and additional infos are welcome.


Martin Braun

Attachment: alevt-1.6.1-v4l2.patch
Description: Binary data

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