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I'm not as good in writing scripts as you :) Do you install VDR from sources, or build debian packages? I know it's not so hard to build everything manually and in fact I did it many times. Hovewer packages in yavdr or e-tobi repositories were easier to install, and it was sure they will work together. Sometimes VDR or packages are patched to work better by maintainer of repo. I don't need to follow all git svn of all plugins and cope with some problems of compiling it myself, if somebody did it. I think it's better to use his work because it's better in it and additionally i test his work. Sometimes I'm in hurry to test some "super new plugin". Aptitude, search, install, restart vdr and test - it gets a few minutes and afterall it's easy to unistall it too. And while new version of VDR is published, i simple aptitude, update and go - I have new version with all new plugins.
That's why I like having VDR in packages.
Knowing that Debian has "master od VDR" ;) in his team is very good info and I will try to stick with this version

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