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I managed to build actuator plugin. As it was stated by Klaus, "Any plugins that implement cStatus::ChannelSwitch() need to add the parameter  'bool LiveView' to that function." So it is enough to add "bool LiveView" , for details please see my PKGBUILD



27 березня 2012 р. 14:55 Dominic Evans <oldmanuk@xxxxxxxxx> написав:
>>> It is just to remind you that vdr is updated (1.7.27 is now), and that impossible to compile actuator plugin against new vdr. I do like your plugin, it very useful for channel's scanning. It is better than other scanner pluging I tried. Pls, find some time! ;-)
>> I'm really sorry, but I have even less time now :-(
>> I think I won't have time to touch this at least until summer.
> Where is the latest actuator plugin source? It should be fairly easy
> to rebase it on top of 1.7.27 api changes.

It was trivial to make the SystemValuesSat update that you suggested,
but of course, this still needs VDR to be patched with the rotor patch
that adds cDvbTuner::SendDiseqcCmd to dvbdevice.c

Has anyone asked Klaus to accept the rotor patch (rebased onto vanilla
VDR sources) or for him to provide his own implementation of a public
method on dvbdevice for sending diseqc commands from plugins?

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