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On 02/28/2012 03:49 PM, wrote:
Eric Valette<Eric.Valette@xxxxxxx>  writes:

On 02/28/2012 03:08 PM, Gero wrote:

... but it's not that dau-proof than vdr-distributions like linVDR or yaVDR,
so I think it could be a good template for future vdr-development, but not
serve as a vdr-replacement.

Well openelec distrib does have means to use tvheadend...

At least I think, that OSD is a must have.

I prefer to have it in a front end that is able to manage a
sophisticated remote correctly.

what do you use as a frontend ? xbmc, showtime ?

I use XBMC in general, but may also use mplayer or vlc using the http streaming URL from the web GUI.

is it possible to have multiple independant osd ?

You mean not on the same machine right?

i like the xine and xinelibouput plugins way a lot, on my laptop no
need to install a huge (and sometimes bloaty) media center, just have
to run xine or vdr-sxfe and it comes with tv+osd+remote.

The tvheadend HTSP streaming library is really thin. I guess integrating it is like integrating a streamdev client/vnsi client.

-- eric

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