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> You don't need a windows manager with xine/vdr-xine either, but according to softhddevice own text, -f requires it.

Well xorg alone would not work w/o any basic window management stuff, called it window manager or not, but bottomline it is one, included in pure xorg. If there wouldn't be a thing like this, you would not be able to open just a basic windows, like xterm. And you can do this, nowadays black on black instead of herringbone pattern, if you just install basic xorg with it's dependencies. There must be something which manages the size of the desktop, advise to open a window in a specific size on a defined position, or just fullscreen.

All other stuff known as window manager just adds kind of decoration, widgets, buttons, a kind of configuration scripting etc. ...

There was also no need to have an decoration manager to operate the old softdevice-plugin (SD), id did just run on the old herringbone desktop ... ;-)


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