Re: Updated patch for vdr 1.7.22 in gentoo

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On 07.01.2012 24:30 , Joerg Bornkessel wrote:

I wonder if it's a big thing to get the LiveBuffer working as an
official patch for gentoo..

Iam work on this, to integrate the patch in the extp-ng...

anyway, in any parts the the ifdef/ifndef/else construct's from the
  expt-ng patch make it not eazy...

also iam work on the ebuild to remove/add/change some crap
thats while is it package.masked in the moment...

use it of your own risk ;)

Hi Joerg,

Do you have good news for us Gentoo-users? :-) Have you managed to get livebuffer integrated into the expt-ng patch? :-)



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