Re: LiveBuffer for vdr 1.7.x

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On 22/12/2011 17:04, Artem Makhutov wrote:

René schrieb:
On 21.12.2011 13:34 , Norm Dressler wrote:
On 12/21/2011 3:48 AM, René wrote:
On 21.12.2011 24:12 , Lists wrote:

I'm stuck to vdr 1.6.0-2 because i can't find a current LiveBuffer
patch for any current vdr 1.7.x. Does anyone know if there is any work
going on with this great patch?

Here you go. I grabbed this from the yaVDR source.


Hi Norm,

Thanks!! Do you know which vdr-build this patch is for?

I'm running gentoo, so it should be pretty easy to update an ebuild to
contain this patch! :-)


This is for vdr 1.7.21 :)


Oh yeah!! Great!! I have right away try to modify an ebuild for this :-)

If i'm succesful, i'll post the ebuild back to this thread!

You don't have to alter the ebuild for this. You can just place patch the file in a directory (I don't remember which) and it will automaticly applied when you compile vdr.

Regards, Artem

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Here it is :
VDR_LOCAL_PATCHES_DIR=/your/patch/directory emerge vdr

You can put it in make.conf

I tried but it doesn't work on the vdr-1.7.21 source tree (perhaps it needs some change )

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