No video with separate PCR PID and VPID

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On my vdrbox :  vdr 1.7.21
I've about 25 channels TNT SD an HD channels.

But I can't get Video form 3 channels, this ones are the only ones with separate PCR PID and VPID.
Audio is working, when waiting 10 seconds.
All other channels are working fine, event in the same Frenquency :

Working :
France 3;Nat:490000:I999B8C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:220=2:230=fra@3:0:0:274:8442:1:0 TV7;Scopus Network Technologies:490000:I999B8C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:720=2:730=@4:0:0:368:8442:1:0

Video not working :
France 2;GR1:490000:I999B8C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:174+120=2:130=fra@3,131=qad@3:0;140=fra:0:257:8442:1:0 France 5;GR1:490000:I999B8C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:374+320=2:330=fra@3,331=qad@3:0;340=fra:0:260:8442:1:0 France Ô;GR1:490000:I999B8C999D999M999T999G999Y999:T:27500:574+520=2:530=fra@3:0;540=fra:0:261:8442:1:0

I've no luck with replacing  174+120 with 120 or 174 ...

Is there a solution, for that ?


Guillaume D

(Vdr user since 2002 ! / Thanks for your works !)

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