Re: What are recommended versions for a dxr3 setup ?

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Is there a way to use dxr3 plugin with experimental e-tobi packages for debian squeeze ? i suppose i need to compile dxr3 plugin because it is
not in the e-tobi repository. But how can i do this compilation ?
Thank you

Le 11/10/2011 19:20, Mikko Tuumanen a écrit :
I got a dvb card, installed it in my vdr box and it didn't work. So I decided
to compile the driver, but alas, I had accidentially deleted the kernel
compile tree.

So it seems it's time to upgrade everyting: kernel, vdr, dxr3 driver and

But what are the recommended versions at the moment?

What is the latest kernel that dxr3 driver works on? And where should get the
dxr3 driver from?

Is the vdr-dxr3-0.2.12 in the latest and greatest version of
the plugin or should I pull from git or hg somewhere?

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