Re: ERROR: video data stream broken

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Am 19.09.2011 14:13, schrieb Steffen Barszus:
You might want to check dynamite plugin. If you have different drivers
for the different cards you can let it reload that specific driver.
If you just want to kick out that tuner until the next reboot (or
whatever), thats possible too.

That's true for devices which deliver no data for a while in the GetTSPacket method. But if it's the epg-scan, just the demux device is used (if I'm right). Then the "GetTSWatchdog" won't be triggered.


2011/9/19 Dominic Evans<oldmanuk@xxxxxxxxx>:
On 19 September 2011 12:17, Dominic Evans<oldmanuk@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
I've recently started seeing quite a few instances of a vdr throwing
this error (ERROR: video data stream broken) and then initiating an
emergency exit.

fyi, looking in the logs, this does seem to happen whilst VDR is
rapidly switching between transponders presumably during an EPG scan
or whilst checking for new channels/transponders.

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