eepg plugin with UK freeview (not freesat!) EPG

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Does anyone know whether the eepg plugin should "just work" with the Huffman 
encoded EPG broadcast on Freeview (DVB-T) HD channels in the UK? (Someone 
mentioned it on here a week or so back.)

I'm pretty sure the EPG data is encoded in exactly the same way as it is on 
Freesat, i.e. DVB-S, and eepg can decode that EPG. I'm trying to work out 
whether it should currently be able to do it (and I need to configure something 
before it'll work), or whether I should try to add support for it. A quick 
scan of the source code looks like the terms "freesat" and "freeview" are used 
interchangably in it.

Currently, I have completely garbled EPG on HD channels! I can add decoded EPG 
grabbed via xmltv but the EPG gets overwritten with the garbled version.

(What's vdr's policy on EPG data added through SVDRP, etc., being overwritten 
by data from the EIT?)



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