Removing trailing slash breaks SSHFS

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I am using the util-linux version 2.21 on Arch Linux:

They have patched the 2.21-6 package to include the following commit
“lib/canonicalize: always remove tailing slash”:;a=commitdiff;h=28074a0

The result of this is that my SSHFS entry in my “fstab” file no longer
works properly. To demonstrate, this “mount” command

sudo mount -t fuse 'sshfs#marty@thee:/' /media/thee

strips the trailing slash and calls

/sbin/mount.fuse sshfs#marty@thee: /media/thee -o rw

which mounts the home directory rather than the entire remote file
system. A workaround seems to be to specify a double slash (e.g.
“thee://”), but it doesn’t seem healthy and I was wondering if either
this recent slash-removal could be avoided in the “mount” command, or
if my magic SSHFS usage was abusing how “mount” is meant to work.

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