Re: unclear udev format output of blkid

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Am 02.03.2012 12:18, schrieb Balamurugan Arumugam:
> We are trying to parse blkid output in python for all devices and their attributes.

This sounds like a bad idea. Instead, you should write a python
extension using the Python C API that uses libblkid directly (unless you
plan to support other implementations than CPython).

> I found two strange things.
> 1. udev format output is grouped by empty newline, but I see an extra newline in between.

'udev' output format is deprecated and will be removed in a future
version of util-linux. Starting to support it now is a clear waste of time.

> 2. In udev format output for all devices, there is no devname displayed.  Without devname, its unclear grouping.  Is there a plan to add devname in udev format output?

For above reasons, unlikely.

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