Re: [PATCH 0/4] Add functions to the fsck wrapper to improve standalone operation.

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On 02/07/2012 09:05 PM, Frank Mayhar wrote:
> This set of patches adds functions that help improve fsck operation in
> large installations and when running in unattended or headless mode.  It
> adds support for reporting rusage statistics for the individual fsck
> runs, for capturing fsck output, for killing fsck runs that take too
> long and for running scripts when each fsck completes.
> We're currently using these functions to improve our fsck monitoring
> capability and to replace some unwieldy and hard-to-maintain shell
> scripts.

Couldn't you do this with separate fsck command runs,
and use standard system utils?

flist="/dev/sda1 /dev/sda2"
for sys in $flist; do
  timeout 10m fsck > /var/log/fsck.$(basename $sys) \
    && success_script $sys \
    || fail_script $sys

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