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On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 14:26, Masatake YAMATO <yamato@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> What I want is packaging the system mounts.
> Consider setting up multiple hosts which mount the same nfs filesystem
> to the same mount point. It the mount point is in a rpm package, it
> can be used both in kickstart file and from yum command line. In
> addition yum update can be used when the name or ip of nfs server is
> changed; Just create the new release of the rpm package which holds
> new mount point deification. In stead of nfs, you can consider smb or
> iso images as examples.

That sounds very wrong to do. This is admin territory and not package
management. There are tools sync and deploy /etc setting per-machine
across big networks, and RPM is surely not the right thing to use

RPM is for the operating system, not for host configuration. Most
stuff in /etc is marked as config for that exact reason. First, static
system-config does not belong in /etc, second non-admin editable files
just do not belong in /etc. It's all wrong, just as the misguided
entire fstab.d/ feature to start with.

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