Re: Please help... strange USB errors.

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On Thu, 18 Oct 2007, Riccardo Tempesta - Idealia Group s.r.l. wrote:

> I did not try a different device type, but I tried with three different 
> USB boxes with the same result.
> The error seems to be present even if the device is disconnected.
> I'm really confused... any idea?

I'm confused too.  How can you get errors if the device isn't 

You should monitor /proc/interrupts.  Look at what it says before you 
plug in the box, while the errors occur, and then afterwards.  See if 
you can tell whether the controller for that USB bus is getting any 

Also it might help if you build a kernel with CONFIG_USB_DEBUG turned 
on.  Then the dmesg log could provide more information.

Alan Stern

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