Re: User-space driver: order of uevents vs usbfs, claiming devices, and configurations

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Am Donnerstag 11 Oktober 2007 schrieb Phil Endecott:> Hi Oliver, thanks for the quick reply.> > Oliver Neukum wrote:> > Am Donnerstag 11 Oktober 2007 schrieb Phil Endecott:> >> Claiming devices: I understand how the usb core offers new devices to > >> kernel drivers based on the struct usb_device_id.  Is there any way for > >> my user-space driver to influence this process?  (A sufficient solution > >> for me for the time being would be a way to temporarily disable the > >> kernel matching while my user-space code is running; for example, I'd > >> be happy to load a small kernel module that clobbers the existing > >> matching somehow.)> >> > You can unbind a device from its driven with an ioctl through usbfs.> > OK; is it one of the ones listed at the end of usbdevice_fs.h ?  I > don't see an obvious one...

	/* disconnect kernel driver from interface */	case USBDEVFS_DISCONNECT:		if (intf->dev.driver) {			driver = to_usb_driver(intf->dev.driver);			dev_dbg (&intf->dev, "disconnect by usbfs\n");			usb_driver_release_interface(driver, intf);		} else			retval = -ENODATA;		break;
	/* let kernel drivers try to (re)bind to the interface */	case USBDEVFS_CONNECT:		usb_unlock_device(ps->dev);		retval = bus_rescan_devices(intf->dev.bus);		usb_lock_device(ps->dev);		break;
	Regards		Oliver
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