Re: User-space driver: order of uevents vs usbfs, claiming devices, and configurations

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Am Donnerstag 11 Oktober 2007 schrieb Phil Endecott:
> Claiming devices: I understand how the usb core offers new devices to 
> kernel drivers based on the struct usb_device_id.  Is there any way for 
> my user-space driver to influence this process?  (A sufficient solution 
> for me for the time being would be a way to temporarily disable the 
> kernel matching while my user-space code is running; for example, I'd 
> be happy to load a small kernel module that clobbers the existing 
> matching somehow.)

You can unbind a device from its driven with an ioctl through usbfs.

> Choosing configurations: It looks as if I get two uevents when a device 
> is attached, one for the unconfigured device and another once the core 
> has done SetConfiguration.  Is there any way for my driver to influence 
> the SetConfiguration process?  Presumably I could do a 
> USBDEVFS_SETCONFIGURATION if I were unhappy with the configuration that

Yes, what's wrong with that?
> it had chosen.  (Is there any way for a kernel driver to influence the 
> SetConfiguration process?)

usb_driver_set_configuration() whose semantics are a bit strange.


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