Re: OHCI root_port_reset() deadly loop...

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> > Assuming PCI is present, /sys/bus/pci/devices/*/class can tell
> > if EHCI is present (0x0c0320) ... if so, load that driver.
> > Then repeat for OHCI (0x0c0310) and UHCI (0x0c0300).
> That will not work for all of the non-PCI implementations though.

Oddly enough, that's why I said "assuming PCI is present".  ;)

Anything using the ARC/TDI RTL doesn't have this issue ... it
includes full/low speed support directly, without a companion
controller.  That covers the Freescale silicon and some others.
For a long time I think that was the only generally available
non-PCI implementation.

But you're right that there are (now) a few other cases.
In-tree right now are also the Au1200, ps3, and 440epx.

- Dave

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