Re: Cannot run scanning software

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On Sat, 8 Sep 2007, Leslie Katz wrote:

> I bought a Canon MP160 printer/copier/scanner to use with my computer
> running Fedora.
> The copier works without the need to install software.
> The printer needs software. I was able to download, install and
> configure 2 rpm packages from Canon, so that printing works
> perfectly.
> Canon also offered 2 rpm packages needed for scanning. I downloaded
> and installed them. The packages create a plugin for Gimp and also
> create a standalone application. I tried both methods for scanning,
> but neither works.
> I looked at the output from dmesg and the relevant bit, according to
> my dim understanding, is as follows:
> usb 2-1: usbfs: interface 1 claimed while 'scangearmp' sets config #1
> I'd be very grateful to be told how I can overcome the problem described.

That message indicates the programs from Canon are out-of-date.  
Earlier kernels would accept the error condition described by the log 
message, but current ones do not.

Alan Stern

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