Re: PDIUSB12 driver

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> Why?  Doesn't the current usb-storage driver work for it?  What about
> the ub driver?  Don't we have enough usb storage drivers in the tree
> already?  :)
Because it doeesn't work for me
>> I would like to know whether somebady has such example/driver or how to
>> write a DMA command and data to USB device.
> You can't do that directly, sorry.
Why? I noticed that the "edb931x-usb.c" has some memory area where DMA
registers are written (by the pointer to the memory+offset)
>> I have look at the "edb931x-usb.c" code and I saw that there is a
>> communication via registers.
>> My chip doesn't support registers only DMA commands/data, but as I
>> mentioned don't know how to use those commands (I don't know them).
>> I would be very grateful for any help.
>> The PDF to chip that I use is at:
>> <>
> Wait, is this a USB host controller, a device controller, or do you need
> a driver on the host to control the device?
Sorry I can't wait, I told my boss that I make this driver for him
during next month :-(

Anyway thanks for trying help my,

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