Re: USB problem - help needed to identify faulty hardware

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Dear List, Alan

On Wed 070704, Alan Stern wrote:
> On Wed, 4 Jul 2007, Karl Kiniger wrote:
> > Dear list,
> > 
> > I am trying to identify a USB related hardware
> > fault/instability on a few of our ultrasound machines.
> > 
> > Question: what known misbehaviours do exist for
> > a USB device on a given root hub port to affect other USB hardware
> > connected to other root hub ports? (cause it to become disabled etc)
> Depending on the controller, an overcurrent could do it.  But your log
> doesn't show anything like that.  Perhaps other electrical errors, like 
> a bad impedance, could have some effect.

I will be away for about two weeks (fortunately holidays :-) but 
will have to continue on that problem when I am back.. I appreciate
your response and I am sure it is a hardware problem. 

There are several hundreds of these machines out in the field and
only a few are showing these kinds of problem - some do it once
per week and others do it several times per day.

Not all machines hat a total USB breakdown like this one though.
A likely candidate is the USB<>IDE DVD drive, another is 
the Sony printer at root hub port 7 - and of course the
whole user interface behind the 4 port hub.

We already replaced the main board.

Yesterday evening it happened while I was sitting close to the 
machine - unfortunately w/o PS2 keyboard. So I removed first the
user interface and plugged in a Cherry USB kbd which is known to
work - errors -71 and did not work.

Then user interface plug into another machine - worked fine.

Unplugged USB<>IDE - still no luck with the external USB kbd.

When I powered off the Sony Printer at port 7 suddenly the external USB kbd
worked.  Powered Sony printer on again - all still worked.
Replugged everything to the original root hub ports - all worked fine.

When doing the unplugging game two days ago it was the empty
7 port hub on root hub port 2 which brought life back into the USB.

Since then the test is running for more than 24 hours w/o any unusual
log display.

I would really want to know how to design a bad USB device which is
capable to bring the whole USB down - I tried already with
overcurrent etc but this all affected only the one port I played with.

Additional ideas are highly appreciated.



> > /: 05.P1: ROOT_HUB, uhci_hcd/2p, 12M
> > /: 04.P1: ROOT_HUB, uhci_hcd/2p, 12M
> > /: 03.P1: ROOT_HUB, uhci_hcd/2p, 12M
> > /: 02.P1: ROOT_HUB, uhci_hcd/2p, 12M
> > /: 01.P1: ROOT_HUB, ehci_hcd/8p, 480M
> >    |_ P1: If0, VEND., , 480M 17d1:0301:0.01
> >    |_ P2: If0, HUB, /7p, 480M 04cc:1521:2.00
> >    |_ P5: If0, HUB, /7p, 480M 04cc:1521:2.00
> >       |_ P4: If0, stor., , 480M 04b4:6830:0.01 USB to IDE      <-- DVD drive, also disappeared
> >    |_ P6: If0, HUB, /4p, 480M 05bd:6560:0.07                   <-- this is actually a Cypress hub. all disappeared
> >       |_ P1: If0, HID, , 1.5M 05bd:0001:1.00 GE USnd, Extended Keyboard V83
> >       |_ P2: If0, >ifc, , 480M 1731:0002:3.00 ArtistaUSB 640   <-- USB graphics display
> >       |_ P2: If1, >ifc, , 480M 1731:0002:3.00                  <-- + touch screen panel
> >       |_ P3: If0, HID, , 1.5M 05bd:0200:0.00 GE USnd, Alphanumeric Keyboard
> >       |_ P4: If0, HID, , 1.5M 0782:0002:0.00 USB Trackerball
> >    |_ P7: If0, print, , 480M 054c:0159:1.10 USB Printer        <-- Sony, this one disappeared too
> >    |_ P8: If0, print, , 480M 054c:01e7:1.00 UP-D897            <-- also Sony

[ lots of lines deleted ] 
> Alan Stern
Karl Kiniger   mailto:karl.kiniger@xxxxxxxxxx
GE Medical Systems Kretztechnik GmbH & Co OHG
Tiefenbach 15       Tel: (++43) 7682-3800-710
A-4871 Zipf Austria Fax: (++43) 7682-3800-47

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