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Alan Stern wrote:
> On Fri, 27 Apr 2007, santana.mail@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Hi to all.
>> I am new here and I don't know if it is the right place for my question.
>> I am testing my webcam in my Debian box and when I run it with camorama 
>> or another webcam application I get this error from my syslog:
>> ---------------------
>> /home/santana/downloaded/webcam/gspcav1-PAC7311-20070425/Pixart/pac7311.h: 
>> [pac7311_getcontrast:103] Called pac7311_getcontrast: Not implemented yet
>> /home/santana/downloaded/webcam/gspcav1-PAC7311-20070425/gspca_core.c: 
>> [spca5xx_mmap:2506] spca5xx_mmap called
>> /home/santana/downloaded/webcam/gspcav1-PAC7311-20070425/gspca_core.c: 
>> [spca50x_isoc_irq:1098] Non-zero status (-18) in isoc completion handler.
>> /home/santana/downloaded/webcam/gspcav1-PAC7311-20070425/gspca_core.c: 
>> [spca50x_isoc_irq:1098] Non-zero status (-18) in isoc completion handler
>> -----------------------
>> The guy that developed the driver (Thomas Kaiser) said me that the 
>> problem is about usb port and not about the driver. I changed usb port 
>> but the problem was not solved.
> He's wrong; it is a problem in the driver.  -18 is -EXDEV, which means a 
> transfer was only partially completed.
>> My kernel is release so I tried to change kernel version. With 
>> kernel (debian precompiled) the webcam works fine and I have 
>> not problems! The driver version is the same for both and are compiled 
>> in second time (not built-in kernel and not with the kernel. I don't 
>> know if it is clear :( ).
>> Can anyone tell me where is the problem? Which module I have to compile?
> The driver needs to be changed.
> Alan Stern

Sorry Alan, I replied in private...
My question is: which driver? Usb driver or webcam driver?


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