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Ok, thank you anyway..
We have a plan to 'remote control' barebox.. Would have been good, if i wasn't the first doing this ;)

- christian

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On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 01:52:33PM +0200, christian.buettner@xxxxxxx wrote:
> The advantage is a generic interface used in mass production.
> I formulate my question in another way.
> Is there an approach launching a little tool, that listens to UART or
> Ethernet when the bootloader starts.
> The tool is kind of an dispatcher, using an incoming message to start e.g.
> an update of the kernel.

Well we have UART console and network console, you can use something
like kermit or expect to remote control barebox.

I know this sucks and is not what you wanted to hear, but currently this
is all we have.

I more than once thought about a real machine interface to barebox, but
I have no good idea how to do this.


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