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The advantage is a generic interface used in mass production.

I formulate my question in another way.
Is there an approach launching a little tool, that listens to UART or Ethernet when the bootloader starts.
The tool is kind of an dispatcher, using an incoming message to start e.g. an update of the kernel.

- christian

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Betreff:        Re: barebox JSON

On 12:01 Mon 16 Apr     , christian.buettner@xxxxxxx wrote:
>    hi all,
>    is there allready an approach to accept JSON messages through a UART or
>    Ethernet interface?
>    I am thinking of an update mechanism in the bootloader, beeing able to
>    exchange the kernel, rootfs or change env settings..

but you can use script to do it other container

and protocol like xyzmodem /nfs and co so what is the advantage of JSON?

Best Regards,
>    - christian

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