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Re: Tux crashed

SoNNy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Chris Davies wrote:

I had similar problems with SMP & SMT kernels around Jan 20th with 2.6.15.

Try a non-SMP kernel and I think the problem will go away. I got no response to my prior messages posted on the list.

Yeah, me too. If you want a stable server using TUX, just go away from SMP kernels. Just my experience.

With the improvements in 2.6, I'm actually seeing a lot less benefit to tux over usermode webservers.

Perhaps Redhat has drawn the same conclusion and decided that Tux wasn't worth efforts to fix the bug? I had this problem with a much older 2.6 as well, but, never drew the conclusion that it was SMP that was causing the problem, so, its not a new issue. And I certainly cannot believe that we are the only ones wanting to use Tux on SMP machines.

So, we're stuck with 2.4 SMP Tux or 2.6 UniProcessor Tux if we want to use Tux.



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