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Re: tux3- performance

On Wednesday 06 October 2004 18:31, Yaoping Ruan wrote:
> 1K single file, none persistent connection: TUX - 221 Mb/s, Flash - 299
> Mb/s 10K single file, none persistent connection: TUX - 1232 Mb/s, Flash -
> 1461 Mb/s
> 1K single file, persistent connection: TUX - 391 Mb/s, Flash - 892 Mb/s
> 10K single file, persistent connection: TUX - 1627 Mb/s, Flash - 2033 Mb/s
With what kind of program are you testing this?
I'm using apachebench at the moment to test an opteron 248 (and 242) against 
an nocona 3GHz and 3.6GHz. If I use a 1kb file i dont get anywhere near 400 
(or 900) mbit/s. (I hit that with 10k files, using 100k files i even get more 
than 13 gbit/s)

What concurrency levels are you using, and is the file compressable (ie; just 
a bunch of zero's or some file which gets bigger if you gzip it)

> 1. are there any major change from 2.4 patch (TUX 2.x) to 2.6 (TUX 3.x)?
> 2. are there any significant performance difference between RH Enterprise
> release and Fedora 2? And how's Red Hat Content Accelerator 3.2 and 2.6.x
> patches?
I haven't noticed any performance hits yet, haven't tested for it either, but 
the production servers are doing handeling the same load with a 2.6 kernel)

> -Yaoping


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