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Need help configuring tux and apache to work together for localhost and virtual hosting

Hi all,

I was able to get virtual hosting working so I can see the virtual hosts using both tux and apache (tux-2.2.9-1 and Apache/2.9.40) from both the Linux 9 box using Opera 7.23 and over the lan from the W2K machine running Opera 7.50P3.

I'm using the linux system for website development, so it's not intended to serve the internet. http://www.xenodochy.org/ is expected to take me to the internet, while http://xenodochy.org is expected to take me to my local development copy. That setup is presently working as desired.

But now I have a different problem. I can no longer see the default host on the linux machine. (/var/www/html is no longer accessible from either my linux machine or from my windows machine via the lan.)

It looks like my configuration is still faulty. I could use any help or suggestions.

I have a LAN connection W2K running IIS, with ICS enabled to, Redhat linux 9 running tux and apache. The W2K machine is my gateway to the internet, because my my satellite service is not supported under linux. The W2K machine address is The linux machine address is Tux is the primary server on port 80 with apache as the secondary server on port 8080

After following the instructions at http://www.redhat.com/archives/tux-list/2003-May/msg00011.html, I was able to get virtual hosting to work for my two development domains xenodochy.org and ballroomdances.org

However, I can no longer see the linux local host site from either the linux machine or the W2K machine. Entering on the W2K machine simply produces a blank screen after some delay.
Entering on the linux machine does the same.

The tux log does not show a GET request corresponding to either of these events. Neither does the apache log.
It looks like the request is not being seen by Tux.

I can read file://localhost and get the root directory of the linux system (from the linux system), but,
http://localhost/ just comes back blank.

Here are some config file info:

/etc/hosts contains:     xenodochy       xenodochy     linux   linux localhost.localdomain localhost linux.net xenodochy.org ballroomdances.org

\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\hosts contains:     localhost	  xenodochy	  linux  linux.net xenodochy.org  ballroomdances.org

Per the above URL, httpd.conf has

Any help would be appreciated (I'm still very new to linux).

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