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Re: kernel BUG at gzip.c:3334! (2.4.23-ck1 etc)

* Jorge Nerin <jnerin@svalero.es> wrote:

> Hello, I was testing the value of "2" in /proc/sys/net/tux/compression 
> when I found that:
> Feb 24 15:17:56 head kernel: deflate in loop returned -5
> Feb 24 15:17:56 head kernel: kernel BUG at gzip.c:3334!

i've uploaded a new Tux patch to:


i've fixed all bugs in the gzip code i could find: made it use the 2.6
kernel's deflate library, and fixed a couple of bad assumptions. Memory
consumption should be lower as well, since now deflate state is
per-Tux-thread, not per-request. I've added the gzip fix from Miles Elam
as well.

i've done light testing with compression=2, but YMMV - does it work for

i suspect the compression level should be configurable as well. Right
now it's hardcoded to level 6 - what level would be the best?

(this patch includes some more fixes as well - eg. stack footprint
reduction for CGIs.).


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