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Re: Benchmarks

On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 17:39, William Lovaton wrote:
> Ohh... my numbers,
> Tux = 160 req/sec  Avg.  (280 Max)
> Apache 1.3 = 28 req/sec  Avg.   (81 Max)
> SMP 4x PIII 550MHz, 2GB RAM, 100MB Full Duplex
> My load average is between 6 and 20 (25 under xtreme load)

load is the average number of jobs in the queue over the last minute,
five minutes and 15 minutes.  I have never seen my tux machine get over
.8 -- even when serving 60mb/sec.

I don't really think load average is a very good number other than a
rough generalization.  I've been on machines where the average is at 1.5
and the machine is as slow as mud, and I've been on machines where the
load was 20 and it was still lightning quick.  Other numbers seem to be
better indications of performance and bottlenecks.

However, hearing that your load is that high, I would say that something
is causing you to fork processes frequently.  Does the machine run heavy

> This is a big enterprise app, highly trasactional.  Right now is serving
> 550 concurrent users.
Not too bad.  I've got a few machines that apache claims it needs more
than MaxClients 1500 -- and no, I don't run keepalive.

> > Machine is pushing 25.34mb/sec
> How do you get this number??  (25.34mb/sec)
right off the switch port.

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