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Re: Running Tux with no secondary server?

On Sun, 18 Apr 2004 15:37:31 +0200, Ingo Molnar <mingo@elte.hu> wrote:

* William M. Shubert <wms@igoweb.org> wrote:

Since I have no dynamic content at all coming off of this system, is
this possible with Tux? I see tux has a /proc entry for the port of
the secondary web server, should I do anything special there to tell
tux "don't bother," or would it be OK to just leave that value at some
port that nobody is listening on?

if the secondary server does not exist then Tux will generate a simple
error reply if it encounters a request that it cannot handle. I.e. it
should work just fine with static content.


I'm a relative newbie for linux, but...

When I was testing and debugging my server setup on Redhat 9, I turned off the apache secondary server.
	service httpd stop
Somewhere there is a configuation that will say don't start the httpd on bootup. You'll need to find and configure that too. This will leave tux running by itself.

The Tux configuration file specifies which files to pass to the secondary server. This is the TUX/redirect line in file etc/tux.mime.types (on my Redhat 9 system).
You will need to comment those all out.

Tux should also be configured to watch port 80 (the default in Redhat 9).

I'm assuming it should not be much different on other than Redhat systems.

Hope this helps.

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