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Tux and Specweb99 postlog problem

We're having an issue with our Specweb99 configuration under Tux
which I hope some folks on the list can help me resolve. 

Problem: After the end of a Specweb99 benchmark run, the postlog
is retrieved. We seem to have some permissions problem in
regards to this. If we have the Tux daemon running as 'nobody',
we get a timeout error saying that the postlog couldn't be
downloaded (error 500) and that we should check to see that the
dynamic root or dynamic command is configured correctly.
However, if we run the Tux daemon as 'root', it seems to
retrieve the postlog but then notes that 100% of class 0, class
1, etc, requests were missing. (The postlog file grows in size
during the run which seems to suggest that dynamic posts are
working properly. Permissions on the postlog file are 777 and it
is owned by 'nobody'.)

-->Can someone suggest a recommended combination of Specweb99
file permissions, tux account settings (e.g. Tux daemon running
as root/nobody), file/directory ownership that they've found to
work with Specweb99? We are not concerned at all with security
so a funtioning but insecure solution would be fine. 

Our system config: Redhat 8 (stock bigmem kernel), Tux 2.2.9-1,
2 x Xeon 2.0 w/ HT, 12GB RAM. 

Current permissions: Specweb directory owned by nobody.
cadgen99, Tux module, upfgen99, dynamic CGI file in DOCROOT and
/cgi-bin, owned by root with 775 permissions. postlog file owned
by nobody with 777 permissions. DAEMON_UID=root,

Thanks for your help,


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