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Re: fancy redirects / 404 passthrough

Are you running a recent version of Tux?  It didn't
used to handle 404's.  It's definitely handling them
for me and I can't see any way to turn it off.

--- Chris Davies <mcd@daviesinc.com> wrote:
> are you sure?
> all of our 404s are passed through to the backend
> (both apache &
> apache2) and apache handles all of our 404 traffic.
> looking at our error log, I am seeing dozens of
> favicon.ico's that are
> slipping through to apache as well as hundreds of
> other files.
> 404s are definitely getting passed to the backend on
> the two servers I
> just checked.
> > Tux looks like a great solution except for one
> small
> > thing:
> > I use rewrite to map URL's from:
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> tux-list@redhat.com
> https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/tux-list

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