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Re: A heads up

On Sun, Mar 16, 2003 at 11:18:59PM +0200, Alex Kramarov wrote:
AK> the keepalive issues were discussed several times on the list, and you
AK> actually have a fundamental error in your regard to tux - tux is not a web
AK> server, it is a web accelerator. your backend server should be able to
AK> return static content, exactly as tux, since there will be requests for
AK> static content that tux will forward to the backend server, if the request
AK> diviates enough from the format tux expects. This was also discussed on the
AK> list.
May be it'll be simpler to add some functionality to apache,
f.e to remove keepalive flag when file extension is '.cgi;.php;etc' ?
I think it isn't so hard, even make module which extends apache to provide
such thing.
Alex Antropoff

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