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Re: Strange tux problem

On Tue, Sep 10, 2002 at 10:39:03AM -0400, Mark Swanson wrote:

>> Confirmed - if I create an empty directory foo.domain.com, tux will give
>> up and forward the request to Apache, instead of just closing the
>> connection. Since the usual response from tux when it's confused is
>> something like "page not found", I suspect closing the connection
>> without any response is a bug? :-)

> I agree, and I'm relying on the current behavior. Some clients refuse to send 
> the fqdn and use the IP address in the URL. Tux doesn't understand that the 
> IP address corresponds to www.foo.com. One way to make this work is to create 
> an empty directory with the IP address as the directory name. Tux then 
> forwards the request on to Apache. (One such client is from 
> themindelectric.com (GLUE)). I've asked them to consider sending the fqdn but 
> they will not so tux needs to support this behavior.

So if tux *didn't* rely on the existence of the host/ip directory, and just
forwarded the request to ie. Apache whenever it couldn't handle it
by itself, that would work for you too.. and you wouldn't have to
create empty directories :-)

Anyone up for a bughunt? :-)

Cheers, HC

Hans Christian Saustrup
Chief of Research/Development
Digital Team ApS - a division of Media-I
Banegaardspladsen 6, 1TH / DK-8000 Aarhus C / Denmark

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