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Re: random system crashes

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From: "Matthew Hodgson" <matthew@arasphere.net>
To: <tux-list@redhat.com>
Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2002 12:44 AM
Subject: Re: random system crashes

> So, has it crashed yet? ;-)

No, running steady for 11 hours with logging enabled (no referrerer), and
logs being deleted every 5 minutes by a cron job

> Secondly:
> If referrer logging appears to be to blame, presumably a vaguely
> diagnostic procedure would be to take a sample of the Apache/thttpd logs
> a live and busy site for a period of a few days, cull out all the GET
> and then feed them at speed into a debugging TUX test-server.
> Obviously this would neglect any other malformed request details which may
> be to blame (let alone subtleties about non-GET operations, and the
> network-level details) - but might provide a pretty good soak test dataset
> with which to confirm a reproducible crash scenario which could then be
> debugged if the problem did indeed lie solely in the referrer string part
> the query.

it is also possible that apache will not log malformed referrer headers
exactly like they arrive, so this can be pointless. for this we probably
need to run tcpdump on a forwardind computer sitting before the tux server,
and capture the incoming traffic only - these should be only the http
requests, so a strong machine can probably handle that. unfortunatelly, i
don't have such setup - i run iptables on the tux server itself ... can
anybody help testing this ?

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