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Re: Code updates

I finally got time to get it running for me. My Mozilla 1.2b and Konqueror 3 work fine. Also, strangely enough, my IE 5.5 for Windows works just fine for me as well.

I'm running Win98 SE and IE 5.50.4807.2300. What are your versions on the two boxes?

My copy of IE equates to IE 5.5 SP2. Can we get a wider test group? I would very much like to know if service packs fix this or if one of us just got "lucky".

As time permits, I will be putting this on a public server so I'm sure I will be getting feedback pretty quick if it doesn't work for most of the IE 5.5s out there.

I am curious about my recycling of ETags. As it stands right now, the ETag for the uncompressed and compressed resources is the same. Anyone know the IETF HTTP 1.1 RFC well enough to say if this is bad behavior? As far as I was aware, an ETag designates that a resource has a particular ID and any changes to that resource changes that ID. A compressed version of the resource is for all intents and purposes the same resource (same content) with a smaller file size. Should it (must it?) have a separate and distinct ETag? I would think no, but I didn't write the specs.

- Miles

Mark Swanson wrote:

This patch works perfectly with Mozilla 1.1, and Konqueror 3.1, Netscape 4.1.

It does work perfectly with IE5.0.
It does not work well with IE5.5:
1.  I click on the HTML, IE5.5 opens a new window with the compressed data.
2. close compressed data window, try again
3. same as #1 - compressed data window opens
4. same as #2
5. it works.

On another IE5.5 machine the compressed data window only opens once, then it works.

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