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Re: Virtual Hosts problem (tux 2.2.3)

I even tried letting tux handle just one domain "www.mydomain.com" (i.e.
just mydomain.com in docroot) and left the rest to Apache and it still
doesn't work.


Robert La Ferla wrote:

> Tux 2.2.3  is not working with my virtual hosts.  It works fine for
> virtual IP addresses but not for virtual host names.  Here's my
> configuration:
> I have several subdomains:
> www.mydomain.com
> host1.mydomain.com
> host2.mydomain.com
> host3.mydomain.com
> So, I set up directories in the DOCROOT with these names.  Each
> directory has an index.html that is world-readable and owned by root.
> Here are the 2.4.17 kernel settings:
> net.tux.virtual_server = 1
> net.tux.strip_host_tail = 0
> When I try to connect to the server, I get no response.  I think the
> problem is that Tux can't handle subdomains just domains.  i.e.  it can
> handle www.mydomain.com, www.myotherdomain.com, www.mythirddomain.com
> but not first.mydomain.com, second.mydomain.com, third.mydomain.com.  If
> this is correct, this is a severe limitation.
> Thanks
> Robert
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