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Re: trn 4.0-test7*: messed up newsrc on server glitches

In article <Pine.GSO.4.58.0312110940290.19023@suns87>,
Patrick Vervoorn  <patrick.vervoorn@perihelion.demon.nl> wrote:
>It indeed only happens quite infrequently, but when it happens, it's very
>bothersome to recover from...

I have taken to running trn as an alias:

trn     env TMPDIR=/usr/tmp trn ; egrep '[0-9]{8}' ~/.newsrc

So when I exit trn, it immediately greps my .newsrc for bogus numbers.

Thing is... I don't recall actually seeing this for a while... but then
again... I have also taken to having a cron job which kills trn on a
nightly basis so it can update .newsrc behind it's back.  I do wonder if
those are correlated...

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