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Re: trn 4.0-test7*: messed up newsrc on server glitches

On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 05:30:22PM +0100, Marco van Loon wrote:
> On infrequent/erratic occasions I've apparently had newsservers acting 
> a bit weird, resulting in things like the following in my newsrc(s):
> alt.binaries.pictures.anime: 1-1075286495
> alt.binaries.sounds.anime: 1-1075286495

It's a pretty nasty bug, and I've almost switched away from trn on more
than one occasion because of it.  Unfortunately if I have five thousand
postings to read again, it's quicker to go through them and recover
my pointers in trn than in any other newsreader.  Archiving my .newsrc
every night helps ...

It seems to be to do with dropped connections or where the server closes
the connection, but trn copes with the normal case, this is a rare
exception (though often enough to be irritating!).  It happens every
couple of months here.


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