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Re: Why are we still using trn?

David Sewell <dsewell@virginia.edu> wrote:

> With the (relative) burst of traffic on this mailing list, I thought I'd
> ask folks the question in the message subject.

Because I'm used to it, it more or less satisfies my requirements,
and I haven't found anything better yet where it doesn't.

Specifically, I'm unhappy about the level of MIME support in general
and charset support in particular.  I need charset recognition and
transcoding between different encodings, with transcoding to a UTF-8
display as the most interesting variant.

> I'd guess that among people who used text-based newsreaders in a *nix
> environment, slrn has >90% of the usage.

The features I'm missing in trn are also mentioned on the slrn

tin might actually support them now.  I'll have to take a closer
look.  Using tin used to be frowned upon, though.

Christian "naddy" Weisgerber                          naddy@mips.inka.de

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