Re: Include zfsonlinux zvol major number for TYPE_DISK detection

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On Tue, 2012-04-10 at 14:25 -0400, Graeme Lawes wrote:
> In reference to
> ZFS ZVols need to be detectable as TYPE_DISK to be use as backstores in 
> targetcli.  ZVols use a major number of 230, which is not in the list of 
> known major numbers in rstlib; nor do they export device type in sysfs. 
>   The best fix for this seems to be to add 230 to the list of accepted 
> major numbers.

Hi Graeme,

The table to determine which block devices are allowed for IBLOCK
backends with targetcli is handled by rtslib python code, so CC'ing jxm

Thanks for your feedback!


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